Elliott Watkins | Director

Having founded his YouTube channel in 2015, Elliott Watkins (otherwise known as MrMuselk) has quickly risen to become one of the most influential figures in Australia's gaming community. Throughout this time, Elliott has worked closely with partners including HP, Samsung and EA to work from strategy to execution on branded content collaborations, while also gaining a keen understanding of best practices for channel growth and strategy.


Emma Barnes | Director

Emma Barnes is one of the founders and directors of Click Management. Emma has over 10 years experience in the marketing and communications space, specialising in video seeding and branded content distribution. For the past 6 years, Emma has been one of the leading figures in evangelising the influencer space in the Australian market, creating her own bespoke agency to service digital influencers in the music, comedy and gaming space including ARIA winning musician Troye Sivan, Ellen DeGeneres scouted comedians SketchShe and leading gaming personality Champ Chong, working with clients such as Coca Cola, Optus, HP, Netflix and Samsung. A massive sports fan in her personal life, Emma is incredibly passionate about the development of the esports industry in Australia and excited to explore the opportunities in the space.


Grace Watkins | Director

Grace joins Click with a strong business background in Commerce & Law. She has previously worked as Strategy Director for Australia's largest youth led campaign, Live Below the Line and is currently a consultant with PwC Australia, working on some of Australia's largest listed businesses in the entertainment and media industry.

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Emma Graham | Head of Talent

Emma started making YouTube videos when she was 14 with a Lego animation channel. As her passion for gaming grew, she transitioned into making gaming YouTube and Twitch content while completing university. In the industry, Emma has close to three years’ experience working in games and tech PR, focusing on influencer relations at her previous role at Double Jump Communications. Emma brings all this experience to the table at Click, in her Head of Talent position.


Charlotte Robotham | Talent Manager

Charlotte has been passionate about social media and gaming since her early teens. She studied PR and advertising at NSW University, interning at an international publishing house before taking up a position at an influencer management company with an international client base. Charlotte has a keen eye for new talent and brings energy and commitment to her role as a Junior Talent Manager at Click Management. Her passions include 80s music, travel and arriving 20 minutes early to everything.


Nicole Constantine | Talent Manager & esports Coordinator

Since her childhood years of hiding under the bed covers playing Nintendogs, Nicole has been an avid gamer. In 2012, she began her first Instagram account working sponsored content for The Hunger Games franchise before joining Que Models as a social media intern. She soon moved over to the YouTube MCN space where her love for gaming and talent management grew. Well-rooted within the Australian esports community, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge in competitive gaming and social media management. She has an immense passion for the growth and success of her talent at Click Management. A tattoo enthusiast, her skills include managing to die one too many times to fall damage in Fortnite, missing every single bullet in CS:GO and scrolling endlessly down Twitter at least 2 hours past her ‘bedtime’.


Lauren Graham | Coordinator

Lauren Graham comes to Click after completing her degree of Human Resources minoring in Anthropology and Philosophy at Macquarie University in 2018. She joined Click as house coordinator in November 2018. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys dancing (Jazz, Tap and Zumba), Jigsaw Puzzles, gardening and Netflix. She is passionate about social media and YouTube, bringing skills in organization and communication.


Bryce Holloway | Editor & Videographer

Originally from Perth, Bryce had a long-time obsession with film and television. Bryce began his career as a creative by shooting skate videos with his friends around their neighbourhood. Soon enough Bryce’s vision with a camera saw him flying to New Zealand to record snow sports for brands and tourism bodies. Bryce later started working in the music space, creating content for bands such as Good Boy, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Ah Trees and Capre. Bryce joined the Click Crew as an editor and videographer in the end of 2018.