The Showdownunder, which is by invitation only, will be held over 8 weeks and kicks off on Monday, August 26. It will see Australia’s largest gaming personalities battle it out for a weekly $60,000 prize pool.



  • Q: How do I enter?
    A: 22 participants, both content creators and professionals, have been invited to compete in the Showdownunder. Our wildcard teams will be selected publicly on @clickorg so please keep an eye out on upcoming challenges/tasks to complete for consideration!

  • Q: When does the tournament start?
    A: The tournament begins on the 26th of August, 2019 at 5:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. It will then subsequently run every following Monday from 5:00PM - 9:00PM (approx.) until the 7th of October, 2019


  • No two pro players can compete with each other. We catergorise this by being signed to an organization in the last 3 months or having had qualified for the World Cup.

  • Perspectives must be recorded in the event anything comes into question and we ask that at least 1 member of the duo is streaming live where applicable.

  • If you are streaming, you are required to enforce a 5-minute stream delay.

  • Refrain from being toxic or discriminatory in any way. Significant abuse of this rule will result in removal from the competition.

  • Screenshots must include the entire screen and not be cropped for submission.

  • In order to qualify for 5 points (allocated by eliminating an opposing duo) this must be reflected in the kill-feed.

  • Each week 4 teams will receive a bye on a rotational basis. Duos will be guaranteed at least 2 byes based on this system.

  • Don't cheat. This is pretty self-explanatory - it will result in removal from the competition and re-allocation of prize monies to the subsequent competitor(s).

  • In the event the servers crash, only games which are completed will be scored. Otherwise a re-match will be put into effect.

  • If a competitor is more than 15-minutes late, it will be an automatic forfeit of the round.